Margaret Shaul is a long-haired, loud-laughing, tote-bag-carrying, anti-gluten, twenty-something college student living in Nashville. A marketing major with a love of beauty and a knack for graphic design, she started Beauty Trickster to share her first-hand knowledge of beauty and her previous experience with appearance anxiety.

She took a serious interest in blogging when she developed severe skin reactions from beauty products in her late teens.  These reactions, which ranged from minor redness and bumps to painful cysts and scars, had a lasting effect on her self esteem. She did a lot of research and a lot of soul-searching, and finally began to make progress with both her skin and her confidence.  Through this process she learned a lot about beauty manufacturing and product labeling practices, mental health, and how she can find products that are safer for herself and the world.

She hopes to one day start her own beauty brand that’s committed to safe ingredients and honest practices—no animal testing, no dangerous chemicals, and no false promises. Until then, she will keep sharing her tips for all things beauty with wonderful readers like you!

Thank you for your support!