Last Minute Halloween Makeup Looks

My Instagram feed has been overwhelming this week. I’ll be scrolling away looking at puppies and then BAM! I see a bloody Halloween makeup tutorial where it looks like someone’s skin is falling off. Those may be fun to watch, but I doubt I’ll see those tips put to use at any house parties this weekend.

I don’t know about you, but on Halloween I’ll probably be getting ready out of the same old makeup bag without any fake flesh or prosthetics. So allow me to present to you: Halloween makeup ideas for your average Joe (or Josephine) ranked on both skill level and originality!


1. Pro Athlete

Halloween Finals-01

Skill level: Beginner
Originality: “I forgot it was Halloween so I threw on a Tom Brady jersey”
You’ll need: pencil eyeliner OR mascara + flat brush
Pro tip: Add black or colored glitter with the mascara method, and set with translucent powder so it doesn’t smear during the night!


2. Cat

Halloween Finals-02

Skill Level: Beginner
Originality: “I found these cat ears in my costume box from 3rd grade”
You’ll need: pencil or liquid eyeliner + smoky eye shadow
Pro tip: Try fake eyelashes for an even bolder eye effect!


3. Vampire/Devil

Halloween Finals-03

Skill level: Intermediate
Originality: “Excuse me I’m looking for the Salvatore brothers” (TVD reference for anyone who doesn’t know)
You’ll need: bold contour + smoky eye shadow + red lipstick + dark red lip pencil
Pro tip: Find the custom fangs that just go on your canine teeth rather than a whole mouthpiece! 10/10 would recommend.


4. Snapchat Filters

Halloween Finals-04

Skill level: Intermediate
Originality: “Hold on let me put this on my Story”
You’ll need: fake eyelashes + highlighter + shimmery eye shadow + sparkly lip gloss
Pro tip: If you’re a beginner, try to find self-adhesive lashes. No glue=no stress!


5. Angel/Fairy/Good Witch/Goddess

Halloween Finals-05
Skill level: Advanced
Originality: “Sugar, spice, and lots and lots of highlighter”
You’ll need: highlighter + shimmery eye shadow + small gems + eyelash glue
Pro tip: Try white liquid eyeliner to add extra drama to your eyes!


6. Evil Witch

Halloween Finals-06
Skill level: Advanced
Originality: “Black is the new black, and it really brings out my eyes
You’ll need: Black lipstick + black liquid eyeliner + smoky eye shadow + bold contour
Pro tip: try a spooky design with the eyeliner—spiders, spider webs, etc.


7. Mermaid

Halloween Finals-07
Skill level: Expert
Originality: “I love Ariel and I also look freaking great in turquoise”
You’ll need: Blue and turquoise eye shadow + glitter + blue lipstick
Pro tip: find a tutorial for using fishnet tights to create a scale-like effect!


8. Doe

Halloween Finals-08
Skill level: Expert
Originality: “Baddest Bambi at the party”
You’ll need: White face paint + black pencil eyeliner + white eyeliner + bold contour
Pro tip: Set the face paint with translucent powder so it doesn’t smear during the night!

I hope this post gives you some inspiration for this weekend or even just helps you throw together a look last minute! You can make your look as simple or extravagant as you want, but I dare you to try something different and learn something new!  Oh…and eating candy while doing your makeup is highly encouraged.

Happy Halloween muh ladies,


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